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Jobs to be done framework

Jobs to be done framework - Clay Christensen HBR
It is useful to think of your app with the Jobs to be Done framework which imagines that a user hires your app to complete a job. The job could be to move him from A to B or to feed him. This job stays consistent over time and your app focuses on doing this job as simply and efficiently as possible. You should focus on the steps where you can add value and eliminate as many steps as possible i.e. Uber removing the requirement to manually pay. Your goal is to motivate users to overcome their inertia and deliver the job without them switching to competitors or substitutes.

Feature importance vs satisfaction

Feature mapping to user satisfaction and importance
Deciding what features to develop is an important part of app development. The Satisfaction vs Importance framework ask users what features are important and how satisfied they are with that feature and lets you prioritize the features that matter most to users while still adequately weighting the core features of your app, avoiding feature bloat.


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